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Article by Jenny de Jesus

Issue Date:  (Thu) January 6, 2011


IN THE KITCHEN: Maximize pantry space with shelf expanders and tiered spice racks and add open wire baskets and clear storage containers to keep tabs on what you have and what you need.

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IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM: Organized Hawaii can create a customized, built-in storage system for your laundry room. Cabinets, drawers and open shelving eliminate stress and allow you to make the most of of this much-used space.

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09 Don’t multitask. If you multitask while organizing, it’s hard to get anything done. Instead, simplify your approach to organization and do one thing at a time.

10 Jettison junk mail. Prevent excess mail from coming into your home by unsubscribing from mailing lists at dmachoice.org.

11 Create an inbox. When you get home from a long day, the last thing you want to do is deal with a pile of papers. Designate a place for an inbox, and make sure to sort through it and empty it out at least once a week.

12 Use every inch. Create more space for cleaning supplies in under-the-sink areas with shelving, caddies and suction-mounted accessories.

13 Streamline the green. Create a recycling center in your kitchen or garage to collect items you want to recycle with bins or wall-hung baskets. Bonus points for posting your recycling schedule and guidelines nearby.

14 Double shelf storage. Add inexpensive wire and plastic shelf expanders to shelves to create extra vertical space.

15 Hang it up. Invest in a set number of good, quality hangers to help keep your closet from overflowing.
Simply Organized has a great selection. Each time you buy a new item of clothing, instead of getting more hangers edit what you already have. Swap out something old for that something new.

16 Attack the shoe pile. Are your shoes lying in a big pile by the door or at the bottom of your closet? Buy a shoe organizer — like a rack, over-the-door pocketed holders or stacking shoe boxes, available from City Mill. Throw away the worn-out shoes and donate good ones you don’t wear. A vertical shoe tree is another option. It utilizes vertical space and has a footprint of 1 square foot.

Be a basket case. If you like the way your stroage baskets look, you’re more likely to use them. Select ones you love looking at and use them all over your home to keep your stuff sorted out in style. Remember: Open baskets and bins should be usedfor things you drop o or pick up regularly, while those with lids should be used for items you use less often. Find a wide variety of di erent baskets at Simply Organized.

18 Find hidden space. Stowed-away suitcases and travel bags can serve as storage for extra linens or
off-season clothing, without taking up extra room.

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