Hold Everything, featuring Details International

With improved storage options, this kitchen overhaul meets the needs of a busy, four-generation family.

Article by Jaime Kim, Photos by Olivier Koning

Issue Date:  (Tue) January 8, 2013

No matter the time of day,  it’s safe to say there’s always something going on in Peter and Alice Mashimo’s kitchen, which not only serves as the bustling crossroads for the home’s seven residents, but also as the base of a second home business and an entertainment hub for family and friends.

With this large household to consider, Glenda Anderson and Sue Haas of Details International Inc. made the family’s need for storage and organization a top priority. “It was a matter of making everything functional with a very long laundry list of needs, and yet it’s still pretty,” says Haas.

To provide the family with a larger area, Anderson and Haas took down one of the dining room walls. A small L-shaped island in the original kitchen restricted space and was replaced with a three-level island. “We tried to create a command central for the kitchen,” shares Haas, “and it’s divided into several areas so that multiple people can work in the kitchen at the same time.”

Although they didn’t add any square footage to the kitchen, the family now has much-needed space and organizational options. “We just tried to have designated areas for each type of storage,” adds Haas.


An induction cooktop conveys 90 percent of its heat to a pan,
compared with an electric element’s 70 percent and a gas burner’s 35 to 40 percent.

This Thermador dishwasher features an LED light that dries dishes and
a third tray at the top for utensils — a timesaver for sorting silverware.

A Sharp pullout microwave drawer was installed at one end of the island to ensure ease and accessibility.

A portion of the island is table height to accommodate younger and older family members. “There are all different ages here, so it’s important to have a lower level even if it’s just for eating,”
says Glenda Anderson of Details International Inc.

Deep drawers near the cooktop and dishwasher are convenient for storing cookware.

The second sink makes meal prep a snap.

For more storage, Anderson added an expansive appliance garage in the corner of the kitchen.



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