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As our editorial team rifled through information and photos for our annual Kitchen & Bath issue, I casually mentioned that I love baking. It started with mixes in an Easy-Bake oven in the third grade, and quickly progressed to baking from scratch in real ovens. Everyone seemed shocked – and I realized I’ve never baked for my coworkers. In fact, I couldn’t even remember the last time I baked for anyone, myself included.

It happens to us all. We get older, our schedules and priorities change, and we end up sacrificing hobbies and leisure for meetings and deadlines.  Fortunately, in my search for colorful kitchen appliances, I came across the Babycakes line – little appliances to make baking easy. The line includes makers for everything from cupcakes and donuts to waffles and whoopee pies.  There are even cookbooks and ready-made mixes to make the whole process effortless. Now those are what I call Easy-Bake ovens, grownup style.

We featured the Babycakes cake pop maker (above) in our October 2012 issue. Enter to win it now, and view the complete Babycakes line here:

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