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Small-Space Strategies: Full Flex

Stretch every room of your home to make your small space feel larger.
By Joanne Romero

20 Ways to Save on a Remodel

Smart strategies ensure you spend less in key areas and invest where it counts.
By Joanne Romero

Container Gardening: One-Pot Wonder

Create a beautiful arrangement that adds flavor to your outdoor space.
By Sabra Morris

Energy-Efficient Cooling: Stay Cool & Save

Energy-efficient cooling options let you keep more cash.
By Jenny de Jesus

Container Gardening: 4 Mini-Garden Ideas

Want to start a garden but don't have the space? Think small.
By Sabra Morris

Super Ready

7 ways to retrofit your home for hurricane season
By Sabra Morris, Illustration by Zela Lobb

Tidy Tricks

Get and stay organized with these simple tips.
By Joanne Romero

It's a Remodel ... Relax.

Go from mess to success without losing your head.
By Joanne Romero

Run a Tight Ship

Your home is the best place to start using less energy.
By Sabra Morris

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