Furnishings & Accessories

Not Your Grandpa's Recliner

You can kick back. We searched for recliners that don’t look like recliners. And guess what? They’re not so hard to find.
By Joanne Romero & Jenny de Jesus

Take It Outside

Create an inviting outdoor oasis.
By Jenny de Jesus


By Sabra Morris

Crazy for Coral

Under-the-sea-inspired accessories.
By Joanne Romero & Jenny de Jesus

Red Bamboo

By Joanne Romero

On Our Radar: Style Karma

Eco-friendly accessories prove that what goes around comes back better.
By Joanne Romero

The Obtainable Sustainable Home

Eco-friendly furniture and accessories bring thoughtful style to any room.
By Joanne Romero

Bali Pacific Trading

Hand-Picked Treasures
By Sabra Morris

Finishing Touch

The latest structural and furniture surfaces are tactile, designed to intrigue the mind and fool the eye.
By Sabra Morris & Joanne Romero

Larger Than Life

BIG ideas for making the most of a small space
By Jenny de Jesus

Through the Wire

Modern lines lend airiness to any space.
By Jenny de Jesus

Surprise Storage

You have more storage space than you think.
By Jenny de Jesus

On Hand

Keep your household running smoothly with these practical products.
By Joanne Romero

Good Night

Whether traditional or unexpected, small tables double as stylish nightstands.
By Joanne Romero

The Stuff of Dreams

Stylish beds and bedding make a relaxing sanctuary a reality.
By Jenny de Jesus

Showroom: Organized Living-More than a Tidy Closet

Organized Living 94-547 Ukee St., Unit 307, Waipahu Open Mon. - Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Tel: 678-0096
By Lennie Omalza, Photos by David Croxford


Living green starts at home; it’s one of our favorite mottos. Here are a few ways to incorporate green life into every room in your house.
By Sabra Morris

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