Outdoor Living

Solutions: Fun Underfoot

These fade-resistant, indoor/outdoor, machine-washable accent rugs from Jellybean add pops of color to any space. $26.99 each.
By Joanne Romero, Items from City Mill

Ask the Expert: How Can I Make My Pool Eco-Friendly?

Clifton Crawford of C & J Contracting reviews the three things you can do to make your pool green (in a good way).

Watering Cans: Water Supplies

Colorful watering cans make gardening more fun.
By Joanne Romero, Items from City Mill

Outdoor Pillows: Rain or Shine

Brighten up your backyard with bold summer accessories like these weatherproof pillows.
By Dena Cassella

Decking: Decked Out

Step out in style with these great decking ideas.
By Sabra Morris

Pool Technology: Something New, Something Blue

A guide to today's top pool and spa innovations.
By Dena Cassella

Container Gardening: From Garden to Table

A little sunshine and the right containers are all you need to grow a delicious garden.
By Dena Cassella

18 Easy Outdoor Upgrades

Whether you have an expansive yard or a tiny lanai, you can upgrade your space in record time.
By Joanne Romero

Hawaii Landscape: The Art of Balance

A landscaper turns an ordinary backyard setting into a tranquil Japanese garden.
By Lance Tominaga

Hawaii Landscape: Marvel by the Marina

A small backyard is transformed into a fully functional and environmentally conscious living space.
By Lance Tominaga

Hawaii Landscape: Staycation

A Kailua family enjoys the good life with a new, resort-themed pool area.
By Lance Tominaga

Hawaii Gardens: Little Wonders

Whether you have a yard, a lanai or just a corner in your home, these compact plants pack a powerful punch.
By Joanne Romero

Change for the Better

Surface makeovers can alter the look of almost any indoor or outdoor space. The proof is in these dramatic transformations.
By Sabra Morris

Hawaii Landscape: Outdoor Overhaul

Given free rein, an island landscaper uses his creative talents to transform a Kailua yard.
By Lance Tominaga

Tropical Landscape: Beachfront Makeover

A crowded Kailua landscape is transformed into a tropical paradise.
By Lance Tominaga

Hang Time

Equip yourself with tools for hassle-free plant hanging.
By Joanne Romero, Items from City Mill

6 Common Landscape Problems, Solved

Explanations and solutions for some of your yard’s peskiest issues
By Joanne Romero, Featured Landscaper: Kevin Mulkern of Mulkern Landscaping

How To Plant a Container Garden

Editor Sabra Morris takes you through the steps.

Container Gardening: One-Pot Wonder

Create a beautiful arrangement that adds flavor to your outdoor space.
By Sabra Morris

Outdoor Living: Backyard Bliss

Steve's Gardening Service designs a dreamy outdoor oasis.
By Lance Tominaga

Tropical Landscape: Backyard Botanical Garden

Hokuahi Lawns enhances a Hawaii Kai landscape to look like a private park.
By Jenny de Jesus

Lighting Your Landscape: 5 Points

Consider these five thoughts when lighting your outdoor area.
By Tiare Noelani Cowan, Allied ASID, of Archipelago Hawaii, Refined Island Designs

Bug-Repelling Candles: Night LIghts

Entertaining this weekend? Citronella candles provide light and keep bugs at bay.
By Jenny de Jesus

Outdoor Lighting: See the Light

From lanterns and accents to path lights and wall lights, light up the night with these brilliant luminaries.
By Joanne Romero

Container Gardening: 4 Mini-Garden Ideas

Want to start a garden but don't have the space? Think small.
By Sabra Morris

Decks: All Eyes on Deck

What you need to know about two of today's most popular decking options
By Jenny de Jesus

Quick-Change Artistry

Reliable Landscaping transforms a Kahala yard in just 10 days.
By Joanne Romero

A Cut Above

An Aina Haina landscape full of renewable, reusable foliage
By Lance Tominaga

Well Contained

Everything you need to maintain your container garden
By Jenny de Jesus

In His Own Backyard

A landscape designer thoughtfully creates an oasis for everyone in his family to enjoy.
By Jenny de Jesus

Making a Splash

Crane & Sekimizu swap a little, leaking waterfall for a large, low-maintenance pond.
By Jenny de Jesus

Contain Yourself

Great containers make an exquisite garden possible, whatever the size.
By Joanne Romero

Swell Design

This North Shore landscape proves ocean air and high winds are nothing to get salty about.
By Sabra Morris

Better Your Backyard

16 expert solutions to common pool, deck & spa challenges.
By Joanne Romero

Take It Outside

Create an inviting outdoor oasis.
By Jenny de Jesus

Out of the Wild

Hokuahi Lawns clears an overgrown yard.
By Lance Tominaga

The Outdoor Kitchen

By Tiare Noelani Cowan, CKD, Allied ASID

Beauty and the Budget

Enhance your landscape with fewer dollars and more sense.
By Lance Tominaga

Starting from Scratch

A veteran landscaper turns a blank canvas into a resplendent work of art.
By Lance Tominaga

Yard Tenders

The right tools take the work out of yard work.
By City Mill

Rock Solid

A veteran landscaper uses moss rock to transform a plain planter area into a tropical work of art.
By Lance Tominaga


Make over a small lanai for $2,500 or less.
By Lance Tominaga


A Maunawili backyard is home to a unique first in Hawaii.
By Lance Tominaga

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